We're gonna find out.

Well, then again, maybe we won't. The scientist in me is pointing out to the rest of me that the exploration on which I am about to embark will at best be a biased anecdotal completely subjective account. Huh?

Well, OK then, so I won't expect to convince any scientists of anything with regard to Lyme and the Salt/C Plus protocol. So be it. I will leave the basic science to the basic scientists...information in that world comes slow...real slow...painfully, excruciatingly, mind-numbingly slow. I've done it, I know. I just want to get well, heal from whatever it is and I believe the answer lies in something simple...something natural...also known here as the Duh!

So, what's the Lyme Salt/C Plus protocol?

Over a year ago when I discovered that I might have Lyme disease I began researching Lyme on the internet. During my search, I came across the book The Salt/C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection by M. Fett on Amazon and I ordered a copy. 

The concept appealed to me since I have always been a believer in basic simple answers that address root causes of issues and the idea that natural, simple, cheap, ubiquitous salt plus a natural cheap super vitamin C could effectively heal underlying infections seemed so elegant and beautiful that it was worth a long explore.

I got the book. Read the book. And decided to work on my diet and detox for awhile instead.

It's not that I didn't think it had merit. It was more that I wasn't sure I had lyme and so I decided to work on more general health issues first...diet, supplements, detox and therefore create a bodily environment that could potentially heal from whatever it was.

So, the protocol was developed by the folks who run www.lymephotos.com who were long time sufferers of Lyme disease. They healed themselves with this method and went on to share their experiences with other lyme sufferers on the internet, many of whom went on to experience significant improvement themselves after following the protocol.

M. Fett took the info and experience they offered, modified it a bit to increase success with it and wrote a comprehensive book outlining in exquisite detail all you need to know.

Basically, this is it:

You take a gram of NATURAL salt (not processed table salt) and a gram of Vitamin C at the same time, slowly building up to a maximum of 1 gram of each for every 12-15 pounds of body weight (which works out to 9-15g of each for most people) per day in divided doses.

The book totally outlines how to build up to these levels in a safe and effective way respecting individual variability. If you think of trying it, buy the book because the details are critically important. I'll post a link on my products page.

So, yesterday I began...

Day 1:

A scant 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt and 1000mg (1gram) of Vitamin C in tablet form twice a day.

They say that if you have any reaction, symptoms, aches, pains, fatigue, then repeat the same the next day. I was really tired and took a nap in the afternoon and I was irritable and restless so I didn't increase the dose the next day. Who knows if my symptoms are related to the salt/C or not...I have various symptoms all the time that have no clear explanation, this is why I'm doing this. So we'll see.

Day 2:

Today I repeated yesterday's doses of 1 g each of Himalayan sea salt and Vitamin C at around 10 am and 2 pm. So far I feel pretty good, so tomorrow I might increase the dose.

The confounding thing about me doing the salt/C (here comes my inner scientist again) is that I'm already such a BIG believer in Vitamin C for just about anything health related that I am starting the salt/C protocol already on about 5-7g/day of Vitamin C. Plus, I eat a lot of salty foods so in some ways I am starting out already somewhere in the middle of the protocol without even knowing exactly where. 

This could account for why I have various reactions and symptoms on seemingly random days...those may be days I get more Vitamin C or salt than others. Who knows?!? OK, maybe Kerby knows, but if he does, he isn't sayin.
Kerby's not tellin'

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